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Oracle Coherence In-Memory Data Grid

The #1 Distributed Caching Solution Across On Premises and Cloud Environments

A key component of Oracle Cloud Application Foundation, Oracle Coherence predictably scales applications to meet mobile and cloud demands on shared services and infrastructure.

  • Scale your applications dynamically to meet the demands of cloud and mobile data exchange.

  • Offload your mainframe, database, and back-end services to save IT costs.

  • Cache and process data in real time to ensure consistent customer experiences and delivery of always-accurate information.

Key Capabilities

  • Provides real-time application processing using parallel query, live event processing, map-reduce aggregation, and parallel transaction processing
  • Scales applications linearly and dynamically for predictable cost and reliable delivery of real-time customer experiences
  • Enables continuous data availability and transactional integrity across the most demanding multi data center deployments
  • Provides a full range of multi data center capabilities for provide global continuous data availability and new persistence capabilities for fast and automated recovery from planned or unplanned outage
  • Leverage real-time cache updates from underlying databases to provide always-accurate application information

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