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Engineered for the Cloud

Cloud is the new operating model for IT, and it’s transforming how business gets done. Now you can get superior results today and plan for tomorrow with a cloud-ready IT infrastructure that’s available in three consumption models—on premises, cloud at customer, and public cloud—all optimized for Oracle Database and Oracle software.

Get Cloud-Ready

Get Cloud-Ready

Data is the foundation for growth and innovation. It’s a huge opportunity—but only if you have the infrastructure to properly capture and process it. Learn how to optimize, secure, and enhance the way your organization processes critical data—on premises and in the cloud.

Your Cloud, Your Way

Only Oracle provides a single architecture with three consumption models: on premises, cloud at customer, and public cloud.

Streamlined On-Premises IT

Streamlined On-Premises IT

Keep your business-critical applications on premises.

  • Reduce cost and complexity
  • Simplify operations
  • Empower innovation
  • Have a clear path to the cloud
Cloud at Customer

Cloud at Customer

Consume Oracle applications as a service behind your firewall and pay only for what you need, for complete flexibility.

  • Bring Oracle Cloud to your own data centers
  • Combine cloud simplicity with on-premises deployment
  • Increase productivity and reduce costs
  • Choose a flexible subscription, fully managed by Oracle
Oracle Public Cloud

Oracle Public Cloud

The most complete public cloud offering for modern business.

  • Complete, integrated SaaS suites enabling modern business transformations
  • Standards-based PaaS to build, deploy, migrate, and manage applications
  • IaaS delivering versatility, performance, governance, and predictable pricing

Discover More

Embrace a Data-Driven Future
Embrace a Data-Driven Future

Your business depends on data, but can your database keep pace? Discover how Oracle’s engineered systems can help you achieve precision performance for any workload, and protect your data as your business grows.

Verify Your Priorities
Verify Your Priorities

Visit our Infrastructure Discovery Center to receive targeted recommendations about how to boost productivity, reduce costs, and simplify complex data-management processes.

Future-Proof Your Environment
Future-Proof Your Environment

Explore how Oracle’s cloud-ready systems can reduce complexity, save millions of dollars in infrastructure costs, and pave a smooth path to the cloud.

IT Infrastructure Products

The best systems to run your Oracle software at the lowest overall cost.

Oracle Engineered Systems simplify your IT infrastructure and improve database, applications, and analytics performance. They combine software, storage, compute, and networking hardware to save time and IT resources.

Engineered Systems

Servers that deliver on every front.

Oracle’s enterprise servers deliver the highest levels of performance. Built-in hardware and software redundancy protects your business from unplanned interruptions and comprehensive end-to-end security protects your data from malware and unauthorized access.

Enterprise Servers

Build your cloud on the right foundation.

With our industry-leading operating systems and virtualization solutions, you can build open, cloud-ready applications that can scale from on-premises environments to the cloud. Add our flexible support options to ensure the expertise you need is always on hand.

Infrastructure Software

Enjoy low cost, ultra-fast performance.

On premises or in the cloud, Oracle’s industry-leading storage solutions help you accelerate applications and databases, improve data resiliency, and reduce operating costs. Automation and analytics help increase management productivity and save time.

Storage Solutions
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