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Shaping Better
Financial Services

Oracle empowers financial institutions to become more responsive, agile,
collaborative, and insightful in what they do.

Why Oracle?

Our solutions help financial services businesses to build digital ecosystems that empower customers to manage and enrich their financial lives. With our data-driven solutions, financial institutions can get the in-depth insights that enable them to make better business-critical decisions.


Comprehensive Coverage

Retail Banking

Deliver Banking at Life Moments

Deploy easy-to-navigate, integrated, omnichannel experiences for your customers. Deliver financial services at the point of need.

Corporate Banking

Achieve Capital Clarity

Provide real-time access to liquidity insights and faster corporate lending options. Deliver the experience that clients expect.


Offer Value-Based Care and Protection

Enhance experience, increase operational efficiency, reduce costs, and improve customer care.

Critical Capabilities

Risk and Finance

Turn Nondiscretionary Spend into ROI

Unify risk, finance, regulatory, compliance, and customer data on a single data model to generate Insights for profitability with regulatory compliance.

Financial Crime and Compliance

Fight Money Laundering and Achieve Compliance

Monitor, detect, investigate, and report finance crime by enabling intelligent tools for efficiency and efficacy.

Digital Banking

Build Contextual, Immersive, Digital Experience

Execute digital strategies at pace and scale.

Universal Banking

Modernize the Core for a Digital Future

Accelerate digital transformation. Drive business agility. Forge partnerships. Deliver optimal efficiency.

Revenue Management and Billing

Maximize Revenue Opportunities

Get the pricing and billing clarity you need to better manage all your revenue drivers and customer relationships.

Financial Services

What’s New

Shape the Foundation for Finance Modernization with Faster Adoption of IFRS 17

Shape the Foundation for Finance Modernization with Faster Adoption of IFRS 17

Bridge the accounting gap and accelerate the timeline for implementation of IFRS 17 standards.

Stop Revenue Leakage and Boost Profitability

Stop Revenue Leakage and Boost Profitability

Revenue leakage is costing banks 3-8% of their income. Banks must look at their pricing and billing systems and drive customer-centric pricing for more profitable outcomes.

How Oracle Fights Human Trafficking

How Oracle Fights Human Trafficking

Oracle Financial Crime and Compliance Management helps financial institutions identify dirty money generated from crimes such as human trafficking.

Success Stories

Deliver Better Financial Services

CACIB logo

CACIB Enhances Its AML Function with Solutions from Oracle Financial Services



Fran?ois Cavaye, Global Head of Financial Security at CACIB, discusses some of the expected outcomes of their AML transformation project including first-entity resolution, better detection and a decreased number of false positives.

Bank of Ayudhya logo

Oracle Financial Services Empowers Bank of Ayudhya’s Digital-First Strategy


Bank of Ayudhya

Our strategy this year is to go digital, thinking digital first. So, what we are planning is to transform our banking business to become banking as a service...Towards the future we are looking for Oracle to be an empowering tool.
Supatra Aphaiwongse, Senior Vice President, Information Technology Group Bank of Ayudhya
Ecobank logo

Ecobank Uses Oracle Technology to Drive the Bank’s Vision for Transformation and Innovation



We transformed our network, transformed our systems, to ensure that we are able to focus and drive new businesses, new agenda, following the group digital agenda to ensure that we can provide products and services that our customers could get, at the price point that they could afford.
Tomisin Fashina, Group CIO, Ecobank- eProcess
Defence Health logo

Defence Health Enhances the Digital Customer Experience with Oracle Health Insurance


Defence Health

With the Oracle platform, we are keen to enhance member experience through digital processes and needs. We are using the Oracle Health Insurance platform because it's modernized and has the APIs we can utilize to become a flexible platform for our digital transformation journey.
Joanne Kadlecik, Chief Operations, Defence Health
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