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Powerful. Flexible. Secure.

Oracle Exadata [email protected] is managed securely behind the firewall of your company’s data center facility. Oracle Exadata [email protected] gives elastic control to companies to manage their databases for easy cloud deployment—with the option of using Oracle Autonomous Database. Contact Oracle today for an Oracle Exadata [email protected] subscription.

  • The simplicity of cloud coupled with the security and control of an on-premises deployment
  • Faster time to market with web-based database provisioning
  • Pay-as-you-go, subscription-based pricing
  • Ease migration of existing databases with no application changes
  • Oracle Autonomous Database and cloud-based management tools reduce database administrator workloads
  • Proven mission-critical database and platform
  • Extreme performance for OLTP, analytics, hybrid, and consolidation workloads
  • Database: Two to eight database servers
  • PCI/NVMe flash for speed, power, and efficiency
  • Storage: 3 to 12 storage servers, each with state-of-the-art PCI/NVMe flash and high capacity HDDs with up to 50 TB of usable capacity

"Oracle Exadata [email protected] is ideal for IT organizations that want a public cloud experience in their own data centers-not just managed hardware, but a full-blown public cloud system with the same hardware, software, control plane and services as the public cloud," said Carl Olofson, Research Vice President, Data Management Software, IDC. "Our research shows that organizations realized average benefits worth $1.93 million per organization per year, a 356-percent ROI and a breakeven point of six months when using Exadata Cloud at Customer.* In IDC's opinion, customers seeking a proven, production-hardened on-premises cloud services solution should evaluate Oracle today."

Software features include:

  • Smart scan
  • Storage indexes
  • Data mining offload
  • Hybrid columnar compression
  • Smart flash cache
  • Smart flash logging
  • In-memory fault tolerance
  • I/O resource management
  • Network resource management
  • Instant failure detection
  • Subsecond I/O latency capping
  • Columnar flash cache
  • Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) node failure recovery
  • Fastest data guard redo apply
  • Fastest backup using offload to storage
Hardware features include:

  • Ultra-fast NVMe flash
  • Up to 250 GB/sec throughput
  • Up to 4.8 million 8K I/Os per sec and 1/4 millisecond response times
  • 720 GB memory capacity per database server
  • The fastest x86 processors
  • Complete redundancy

We Bring the Cloud to You

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Most powerful Oracle Database

Get all the options, features, and Enterprise Manager Database Packs.

All Oracle Exadata capabilities

Enjoy extremely high levels of performance, availability, and security.

Rapid, simple database provisioning

Provision databases with a few clicks.

Cloud automation software

Reduce administration workloads and alleviate repetitive tasks.

Flexible subscription pricing

Subscribe to only the compute capacity you need for each application.

100 percent compatibility

Easily migrate data between on-premises and Oracle Public Cloud databases.

AT&T Adopts [email protected] for Critical Workloads


“This collaboration with Oracle accelerates our network transformation and migration to the cloud to expand efficiency, performance, and reduce cost while improving overall customer service.”

—John Donovan, chief strategy officer and group president of AT&T Technology and Operations

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Introducing New Exadata [email protected] Capabilities

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Exadata [email protected] provides The Best of Cloud in the Corporate Data Center

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Oracle Gen 2 Exadata Cloud at Customer Powers Next-Gen Computing

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Exadata Cloud@Customer Contributes to Better Business Results

Exadata [email protected] Contributes to Better Business Results

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Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer Outpaces DBaaS On-Premises Alternatives

Oracle Exadata [email protected] Outpaces DBaaS On-Premises Alternatives

Understand why DSC says Oracle Exadata [email protected] “renders all other on-premises managed DBaaS obsolete.”

Exadata Cloud@Customer Delivers $90 Million More Value

Oracle Exadata [email protected] Delivers $90 Million More Value

Wikibon describes why "The cost of Microsoft Azure Stack is 55% higher than Gen 2 Cloud at Customer" and strongly recommends it for next-generation applications.

The Clear Choice for On-Premises Database Cloud Service

The Clear Choice for On-Premises Database Cloud Service

Understand why ESG says that Oracle Exadata [email protected] makes the choice for how to optimally deploy a cloud instance of an Oracle Database on-premises easy.

Oracle Gen 2 Exadata Cloud at Customer Fact Sheet

Oracle Exadata [email protected] Fact Sheet

Answers to the Top 10 Questions about [email protected]

Kingold Group Delivers Results with Oracle

Kingold Group Delivers Results with Oracle

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Alper Yilmaz, Director IT Operations at, shares how Oracle Exadata [email protected] improves OpEx costs, provides a faster transactional database, and enables customers to have a smoother shopping experience.

Gen 2 Exadata Cloud at Customer Delivers 69% More Efficient IT Infrastructure Management

Exadata [email protected] Delivers 69% More Efficient IT Infrastructure Management

Oracle customers gain significant value by leveraging Exadata [email protected] for their business needs.

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