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Scalable, Cloud Ready Analytics Platform

A comprehensive big data platform designed to acquire, organize, and analyze large data workloads from diverse sources at speed and scale. Oracle’s cost-effective engineered system delivers out-of-the-box functionality for high-end analytics.

Oracle Big Data Appliance

Under the Hood

  • Open source-friendly: Purpose-built to leverage open source tools such as Hadoop, Spark, and NoSQL, as well as to run big data workloads in Qlik, Tableau, SAS, and other analytic environments
  • Leverages popular tools: Oracle Big Data SQL for SQL queries and third-party environments from WanDisco, Cloudera, and other vendors
  • Exceptional performance: Integrated, optimized, and tuned to accelerate time to value and minimize deployment times
  • Built-in security: Automatically identify anomalies and track fraudulent activity, secure your data, and simplify compliance auditing
  • Single-vendor simplicity: Relying on Oracle for all aspects of your system minimizes the cost of deploying, maintaining, and upgrading your big data environment
  • Cost-effective performance: Increase efficiency and reduce costs for big data on Hadoop and Spark while driving a faster time to value
  • A massively scalable, open infrastructure designed to store, analyze and manage big data
  • Flexible configuration and elastic hardware choices optimize floor space and provide a path for Hadoop and Oracle NoSQL Database
  • Open, multipurpose engineered system for Hadoop workloads and streaming data processing
  • Industry-leading security, performance, and big data tool set, all bundled in an easy-to-deploy appliance
  • InfiniBand connectivity between nodes and across racks as well as with Oracle Exadata and other Oracle engineered systems
  • Combine data from Oracle Database, Kafka, and Hadoop / NoSQL in a single SQL query
  • Integrate big data analysis into existing applications and architectures
  • Extend security and access policies from Oracle Database to data in Hadoop

Exelon Consolidates Big Data Analytics on Oracle


Exelon has consolidated disparate data silos into an enterprise data lake on Oracle Exadata and Big Data Appliance with Big Data SQL to provide users a single pane of glass for analysis of structured and unstructured data.

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Leveraging Big Data with Hadoop, NoSQL, and RDBMS

Leveraging Big Data with Hadoop, NoSQL, and RDBMS

Learn best practices for architecting a big data solution, including when to choose Hadoop, NoSQL, RDBMS, or a hybrid approach. Uncover tips for navigating key trends in IT and business and managing data across platforms.

Five Reasons to Run your Business on Oracle Big Data Appliance

Five Reasons to Run your Business on Oracle Big Data Appliance

Seventy-eight percent of enterprises know that big data will disrupt business activities. Big Data Appliance can extract the value of that data at speed and scale.

Five Reasons to Run IT on Oracle Big Data Appliance

Five Reasons to Run IT on Oracle Big Data Appliance

Enterprises must quickly capture, store, and analyze diverse data types. Oracle Big Data Appliance's preconfigured platform streamlines data processing and gives actionable insights.

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