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Co-op hires 20,000 staffers yearly with Oracle Cloud

The grocery chain seeks people willing to do it all while cheerfully welcoming customers to its 2,600 stores.

LOCATION: United Kingdom

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About the customer

Groceries for good

In 1844, citizens in Britain launched cooperative businesses that were owned by their members, who made decisions that supported the common good. The Co-op Group, for example, introduced rationing during World War I, banned many farming pesticides, stopped animal testing, and embraced fair trade to support its farmers and fishery workers. Now known simply as the Co-op, the grocery chain counts 4.6 million members, who each receive a 5% discount in Co-op convenience stores and neighborhood markets. Members also have access to Co-op offerings for insurance, healthcare, and funeral services. The company shares 1% of its profits with local charities selected by its members.

During 2019, the Co-op’s 175th anniversary, the company returned £29 million to members through a 5 percent discount program and donated £6 million to charity through its 1 percent profit-sharing program.

Our job is to run a commercial enterprise on behalf of our members that’s responsible and successful and creates a better, fairer, and more cooperative world.
Allan Leighton, Chair, Co-operative Group

Customer Story

What ‘great’ looks like

Yvonne Foster’s job as the Co-op’s head of resourcing services means she’s responsible for hiring 20,000 new staffers each year for the company’s convenience stores and small markets. When Foster took on the role, she and store managers started by defining the characteristics that make a great store employee.

They plugged those preferred personality traits into Oracle Cloud HCM with an Oracle Taleo Recruiting module to create standard job postings on the Co-op’s new job posting board that attracts candidates from across the British Isles. Foster later added Oracle Integration Cloud to move standard job descriptions and requirements in and out of the Taleo module. Then she engaged Capgemini to create a user interface called “My Colleague Recruit,” especially designed for the Co-op so that store managers can customize their job announcements in about five clicks on the web application. “Where we used to put help wanted posters in store windows, now we’re reaching more diverse, more inclusive talent,” Foster says.

Oracle Cloud portfolio

Oracle Cloud HCM

Co-op stores now have an offer acceptance rate of 98 percent after adopting Oracle Cloud HCM to identify and target the best-fit candidates.

We’re making recruiting a more modern, 21st-century experience.

Yvonne Foster, Head of Resourcing Services, Co-operative Group

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